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Tactical Dual Drop Thigh Holster

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Tactical Dual Drop Thigh Holster MAIN
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Available in Army ACU Digital & BLACK.

- Quick Release Snap Thumb Break
- Additional thumb break cover for optional added security during field operations.
- Rugged milspec denier nylon outer shell and components.
- Resistant to moisture and dry rot.
- Polymer inner liner maintains holster shape.
- Can be worn as a full thigh holster or easily converted to mid-hip for very quick access.
- Multiple weapon security features to prevent weapon theft or loss.
- Fits all military issue side arms including Colt .45 (all 1911 models) and Beretta series as well as most medium to large frame semi-autos.
- Sewn-in (not glued on) silicone strips on leg straps for stability.
- Heavy duty color-matched delrin buckles.

Note: This item is available in RIGHT HAND DRAW ONLY. Please refer to Left Hand category on our home page for left hand draw holsters.


Detailed description:

Our TLH leg holster is our favorite holster for a number of reasons. It's certainly priced right, but it's the features and flexibility that make the TLH unique in tactical holsters at any price.

1. It can be worn as either a full drop or as a partial drop ('mid-hip' level). That's why we call the TLH a "dual-drop" holster.

2. It has weapon security features to make certain there is no accidental loss or theft of the weapon when on tactical operations or during crowd control assignments.

3. It is simple in design, durable and capable of handling any military issue semi-auto including both the M9 and .45 1911 government model.

4. The holster is rigid polymer covered in 600 Denier nylon so it never loses its form or retains moisture either within the holster or within the holster lining.

5. It's exceptionally comfortable with nylon stretch points on the leg straps for bending, sitting or climbing, and it has non-slip silicone strips sewn within the straps (not glued on) to prevent leg strap slip or riding up on the leg when pulling the weapon.

Our TLH can be worn as a standard full drop holster with both leg straps in place or at 'mid-hip' using only the lower strap. Let's face it, full drop leg holsters may look cool, but they can be more of a pain than they're worth. A lot of professionals who have worn a full drop holster are concerned about the following:

1. The weapon and holster flop around, giving a feeling that the weapon is not secure.

2. Based on physical stature, access to the weapon is not as quick as a mid-hip, vest, or shoulder holster.

3. The weapon retention system can accidentally be unsnapped or unhooked by brush, branches or simply crawling around on the ground. Most holsters don't allow for any options to make certain the weapon will not inadvertently fall from the holster in tactical field operations.

4. When conducting crowd control or operating in a prisoner detention facility, some drop holsters do not have enough security features to prevent the weapon from being pulled by someone that shouldn't. In other words, the weapon retention strap that holds the weapon in place can easily be compromised creating a dangerous situation. Most only have a snap retention on the outside that can easily and quickly be compromised by an unauthorized person.

Combine all the concerns above and it spells missing weapons, time consuming investigations, and potentially life-threatening incidents. But, we have a solution with our TLH holster that provides both maximum weapon security when needed, but still allows for very quick weapon retrieval at a downright affordable price.

When you receive your TLH holster, it's fully configured as a full drop leg holster. To convert it to a mid-hip or what we call a partial drop configuration, simply remove the upper leg strap by feeding the main buckle-end through the drop strap. It's a tight fit so take your time working the main buckle-end through. It will go through. The length of the drop strap can be adjusted depending on the wearer's height. The bottom leg strap on the holster is worn on the upper thigh. To put it in simple terms, the holster is worn at the same height on the leg as western buscadero holsters that you often see in western movies.

By wearing the TLH in the partial drop mode, the weapon is low enough below tactical vests and equipment, but high enough to allow you to easily place your hand on the butt of your weapon, which a lot of people cannot do when wearing a full drop holster unless they bend over. The ability to place your hand on the butt of the weapon from time-to-time is not only a necessity in urban environments, it adds a level of weapon security that most full drop holsters cannot provide.

The ability to convert from a full drop holster to a partial drop is only one feature on the TLH holster. Here's more:

1. Two weapon security features are used on this holster.

First is the thumb-break snap that quietly and quickly allows the wearer to retrieve the weapon. The snap is positioned to the inside, (between the holster and drop strap) not the outside, making it difficult for anyone other than the wearer to pull the weapon. Additionally, getting caught on branches and crawling around on the ground will not accidentally cause the thumb-break snap to un-snap in most cases, causing a loss of the weapon. The thumb-break retention strap is polymer reinforced so it never loses its rigidity allowing for easy weapon retrieval over the life of the holster. The other end of the thumb-break retention strap is attached via velcro then sewn-over with keepers to prevent branches, twigs or unauthorized personnel from pulling the retention strap up. It can be adjusted for height depending on the weapon used.

Secondly, on the outside of the holster is a strap sewn in place on one end, and retained with velcro on the other end when not in use. Pull the velcro end of the strap and it can be secured over the main thumb-break retention strap for another level of weapons security. The strap secures to the inside, between the holster and drop strap. This is a very nice security feature and provides peace of mind for the wearer that the weapon will remain securely in the holster under all conditions, whether in tactical mode or maintaining crowd control.

2. A magazine pouch on the front of the holster provides for additional ammunition needs.

3. The holster is sewn to the main drop strap and cannot be ripped from the strap by unauthorized personnel.

4. The fully adjustable lower leg straps are secured with heavy-duty double release Delrin buckles. The Delrin buckles are attached to expandable nylon to allow for comfortable leg flexing when sitting, climbing or bending down without straps binding. The Delrin buckles are color matched to the holster. Black buckles with the black holster and Army green with Army ACU holsters. The adjustment keepers which control the diameter of the leg straps are anodized steel, not plastic.

5. The main drop strap is two inches across and secures to a belt, including riggers and BDU belts, via velcro. There are two keeper straps, one which is used to secure the drop strap to the belt and secures via velcro to the inside of the drop strap. The drop strap cannot be ripped from the belt, nor can the velcro keeper be ripped open by an unauthorized person.

You'll find more features on this holster than we have space to describe, but the bottom line is this; If you're looking for the best holster, dollar-for-dollar there is no better deal than our TLH holster. It's well built, rugged, designed to shed water and dry quickly, easily accommodates any full size military weapon and most importantly, it provides weapon security when needed while providing the option of quick retrieval during tactical situations. Some holsters provide only one or the other, but generally not both. And surprisingly it does not compromise in either area. This is the perfect holster for all tactical and non-tactical environments. There are no frills with this holster, no fancy padding or quilting, just a good-looking no-nonsense, very well designed and highly functional professional holster.

We think you will agree that our TLH holster is the best bargain out there and feature-for-feature can stand up to any holster regardless of price for durability, flexibility, weapon security and comfort.

Designed, Imported, and supported by our U.S. based supplier.

There are no shipping costs to U.S. or APO/FPO addresses regardless of quantity purchased. There are no handling charges or hidden credit card fees. The price you see is the price delivered to your door or military unit.
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