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Prescription Information - Tel Order

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Prescription - Tel Order 1. Enter Prescription Information including Pupil Distance (Required), Right Eye (Same as OD) and Left Eye (Same as OS) then "ADD TO CART."

If the customer would rather fax their prescription information, check the box at the bottom and have them fax it to 760-433-0693 (24 hours/7 days). We encourage customers to fax their prescription, if possible, in addition to providing it over the phone to avoid mistakes, but it is not required. After you type it in, REPEAT it back to the customer to make sure it is correct. Incorrect prescriptions entered are costly and very time consuming. Take your time with the customer. More infor is provided below for your review.

2. Then go to the final step of determining how fast the customer needs delivery. CLICK HERE for Normal, Rush or Expedited Delivery.


Important: Pupil Distance is REQUIRED information.
Have them get the PUPIL DISTANCE (PD) from their eye doctor if it's not on their prescription. Most of the time it will not be on their prescription. But, it will be on file in their doctor's office from their last examination. New privacy regulations prevent that information from being given out to anyone other than the patient or another eye doctor in most cases, so they must contact their eyecare specialist. We can no longer do that for them. Pupil distance can be one or two numbers depending on how the measurement was taken by their eye doctor. Just enter it as provided. If there are questions, we'll call the customer.


We don't do bifocals for Wiley X eyewear. The lenses are too small for bifocals. A "lower" or "add" bifocal cut into the lens will interfere with their distance vision and will be so narrow as to render the lower cut in the lenses useless.


Enter the information EXACTLY as the customer provides it. Start with the right eye (OD). The right eye is always the first line on their prescription if right or left is not noted on their prescription. If they say there is a dash before a number, it's a minus sign, so please enter it. If there is a plus sign in front of a number, enter it. If there is no plus or minus sign, enter the information without the plus or minus sign. If there are letters such as SPHERE, (SPH) or PLANO (PL), enter it. If a cyl, sph, or axis is blank, leave it blank.

SAMPLES of prescriptions and more information for a slow day (This will put you to sleep):

Sample 1 - Typical Prescription:
Some numbers may be plus instead of minus. The Axis measurement never has a plus or minus. The PD can be as shown in the example or two numbers split between the left and right eye. For example, PD might be 30.5 for the right and 31.5 for the left. Enter the information as given. If the customer gives you two PD numbers, don't combine them into one number. Additionally, they might try and provide Pupil Near or PN. We don't need it.

Right (OD)
Left (OS)
PD = 62

Sample 2 - Left or right eye not noted, nor is sphere, cylinder or axis columns on the prescription. (This is the lazy eye doctor's prescription format) It's just a set of numbers handwritten on a piece of paper. Dont' worry, ALL prescriptions are written in the same format, so if the customer says they don't know which is the right or left eye on his or her prescription, don't worry. The first row is always the right eye, the second row is always the left eye. The first number on both lines are always sphere or spherical, the second set are always cylinder (cylindrical), the third is always axis. Sometimes there will not be preceding zeros for the axis measurement. It may just say "5" in the axis column. That's ok as well.

-2.25 -1.00 005 (This first line is always the right (OD) eye, listed in order of sph, cyl and axis)
-1.00 -2.00 106 (This second line is always the left (OS) eye, listed in order of sph, cyl and axis)

PD = 62

Sample 3 - This is an example of a prescription with something other than numbers in it. In this example the patient's right eye only requires power. The left eye requires no power but requires a cylindrical adjustment. This example also shows the PD split between right and left eye as two numbers instead of one number as in the previous examples. None of that technical stuff matters. About the only thing you will ever see other than numbers is "sph" or "sphere", "PL" or "Plano", or "---" which is the same as dash or blank or no numbers at all. If you're uncertain, enter it as given and we'll clarify it with the customer.

Right (OD)
Left (OS)

PD: R = 28, L = 30

That's all you need to know about prescriptions. Here's a Summary:
  1. There's always two lines on a prescription. The first line is always the right eye, and the second is always the left eye.
  2. Always enter it exactly as the customer gives it to you. If they just give you a number for sphere and cylinder without the plus or minus, ask them if there is a plus or minus in front of the number. If no plus or minus sign is present, it's a plus. If they say there is a dash in front of the number, it's a minus sign. Axis never has a minus number.
  3. Sometimes the SPH column will have pl or plano or be blank or dashed. That's ok.
  4. Sometimes the CYL block will contain SPH, sphere, or be blank dashed. That's ok.
  5. Sometimes the Axis will be blank or dashed. That's ok.
  6. Pupil Distance is required. IT IS NOT OPTIONAL. We cannot produce the lenses without it. If the customer asks you to call their eye doctor, you must decline. Recently enhanced privacy laws do not allow eye examination to be given over the phone to anyone other than the patient in most cases. They must obtain it and forward it to us. They do not need a new prescription for Pupil Distance information. They can send PD by email or phone it in.
  7. We don't do bifocals for Wiley X goggles, so if they give you additional numbers called "ADD" or "lower", that is bifocal information so you need to let the customer know.
  8. Sometimes a customer will try and provide "Decenter" or "DC" information. It is not required so you don't need to enter it.
  9. You must enter the information accurately. Review it with the customer after you type it in to make certain it is correct. Prescription errors are costly.

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